Ooh I’d really love to win this one… Been window shopping a long time… @luxulite #loveluxulitecomp http://ift.tt/1zgd84P

My “awesome” view for most of the Soundgarden set at tonight’s NIN show. Thanks a lot, bros. I’ve never paid so much for such crappy seats via a presale before. Ugh… At least NIN did an amazing job again, and I was able to sneak into an empty seat just one row up to crane my neck over two stocky jock dudes. I’m so upset about these seats though! 😫😭😤 http://ift.tt/1pPsZSj

The Bouqs: beautiful flowers, less hassle! http://ift.tt/1zYy3KT

This is why I can’t let @calamitylayne do the displays… http://ift.tt/1k6BzP1

Whoops. I’m supposed to be SELLING at @vintagegaragechi !!! But these were SO cool! http://ift.tt/1n64EZy